Our Mission

To create products that will connect people who love dogs, beer, and community


our story

While we have long been lovers of the local beer scene, we only recently became dog moms in late 2017.  We quickly realized how much joy our own Beer City Pup, Ziggy, brought to our family and we wanted to take him with us everywhere---especially as many brewery patios as possible!  As we took Ziggy to dog parks, breweries, and dog-friendly spaces around town, we recognized that having a dog allowed us the opportunity to meet all sorts of people and their furry friends. 

As social workers who have served the community for many years, we interact with disconnected people almost daily.  Yet, within the dog park we witnessed barriers becoming almost non-existent as people talked with strangers while their dogs played.  It was this experience which became the foundation for our products.   

Beer City Pup aims to bring the camaraderie out of the dog park and into the community.  By wearing our products you and your pup are telling people that you are open to connection and communication.  You are wearing a calling card saying that you welcome those around you to come over and talk about dogs, have a beer together and celebrate our community.

 Beer City Pup gives people of every race, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual identity, religion, and background, a common point of connection.


we believe

  • We believe dogs are family too

  • We believe people need connection with others in order to be their healthiest, happiest selves

  • We believe IPA's are the best kinds of beer (usually)

  • We believe that supporting other local businesses & artists is key to running our small business

  • We believe giving back through support of local dog charities is foundational to the identity of our company